A Stress Free Wedding You Ask…. Impossible? Not If You Plan A California Destination Beach Wedding !

No, not impossible at all. It really IS possible to plan and enjoy a stress free wedding. And yes, you heard me right! Let me show you a simple and affordable way to remove so many of the factors from your wedding and wedding planning that cause you stress. Let’s start with the costs of a wedding, as we all know the cost can be one of the largest factors that contribute to a rising stress level. Since planning a free wedding is out of the question for most of us, let’s consider some of the things you can do to manage the costs. Why not start by choosing a location that’s fun and inexpensive? Here in Southern California, we actually have a free place to be married! The beaches in California are public and if you have less than 25 people, you don’t even need to have a permit. Coronado Beach in California is one of the most beautiful and sought after locations in the United States. In fact, the Travel Channel named it the number one destination wedding site in the United States. It’s the beach where the Hotel Del Coronado is located. Think of it, no church to decorate … no pew bows, no flower arrangements, no wedding coordinator……simply the sound of the surf and beautiful sand right at your feet. By eliminating the church, hall or hotel, and we’ve significantly reduced the number of guests. You’ve made two huge strides towards having a stress free day. Only your very closest friends and family are now part of your day. You will need an officiant, a marriage license, a pretty dress, a couple of rings, some beautiful flowers for a bouquet, a few beautiful photographs and you’re set… I promise. Can you feel the wedding stress melting away? You’re on track to a stress free wedding. After the ceremony on the beach, a nice little dinner somewhere close by, or if it’s in the morning, perhaps a brunch. We like to think of it as our 21st century elopement. Nothing like climbing out the window and down the trellis in the middle of night. A 21st century planned wedding elopement, with all the style and grace of the grandest wedding around. Consider the fact that an average wedding in the US is in excess of $20,000. Just think how smart you will feel when you start your marriage with your loved one on a solid financial footing. In this day and age this is wise and prudent first step on th road to a happy marriage. You can find beach elopement packages online at many destinations, you may even be able to combine your wedding, honeymoon and vacation all in one. Why not consider finding a nice, warm, affordable, stress free destination like San Diego, California and elope? One of the most gorgeous beaches near San Diego is Coronado beach, just a few miles from downtown San Diego. It’s absolutely perfect for your beach wedding, as it’s one of the most picturesque beaches in the United States.

Wedding Photography: Your Simple Guide in Making Your Wedding Photos Last a Long Time

We keep our photos in different places. We may not display them nor put them all in wonderful frames but we make sure we keep them in safe places. As much as possible, we want to have them in their best possible conditions when we look back at them in time. Of course, we cannot avoid their fading but our goal in keeping them is to make them last longer. Enough for us, to look back at them years from now, with images of the place or faces of the people we are with still vivid or at least clear. Having them this way makes the memories in our minds also clear and intact. Photos are most important to remind people of their wedding day. For some, when done with the right reasons, this marks as one of their happiest days in their lives. It is full of special moments and symbolism. Not only will it mark as the beginning of your lives together with the person you love but it also marks the start of a new family. Despite the happy hours and as the day will event, the only thing that will remain clear in you is your memories. As days add up, these memories also fade. However, because of your wedding photography, you will have something to make everything that had happened on that day more alive. That is why any person should know how to keep these photos long lasting. We will never know what will happen at the end of the day, and if we are not careful with how we store them, you might loose them or the worst it may be destroyed. For you to make them last for a long time here are some tips that you can apply when it comes to safekeeping photos: • Albums- Some of us love to stack photos in boxes. This is not a bad thing to do. However, it is an advantage for you keep them in albums because you will have all you need in storing them. One, they have plastics that can protect your pictures from possible spillage. Two, albums are like notebooks with covers that will keep your pictures from getting folded. Three, you can have the photos kept sequentially. • Store them in Pc- All your photos can be scanned. Therefore, if you do not want them to fade and if you want to have them recopied easily, keep them on your computer. Besides, you can make them as your wallpaper or use it as your screensavers too. • Store in Removable device- You will never know when your computer will shutdown or get wiped out for defects. Therefore, you will always need a back up copy to keep these photos. Have them burned on CDs or flash disks in order to keep a backup. This way, all the money you paid for your wedding photography will not be put into waste. • Upload on websites- There are now free online albums that allows you to safe keep your photos. Some of them are free services. Therefore, take advantage of it and store it in there. This will also make these photos accessible in all computers and all parts of the world just as long as there is internet. Summary Important pictures particularly wedding photos are things that we want to preserve. They make your wedding memories last forever and even more vivid. Therefore, take these simple tips to safeguard them at all times.

The Tips to Dress For a Wedding

Knowing how to dress for a wedding reception is important. If you’re dressed too fancy or not fancy enough, you’re going to stand out like a sore thumb. That’s not the kind of lasting impression you want to leave on your fellow guests or the happy couple. Unless you’re the bride or groom, it pays to learn how to dress for a wedding reception before you attend one. The big wedding hit for all ages this summer is the dress suit, as seen on Carole Middleton at the royal wedding. if you’re a younger guest, make sure the dress is shorter than the coat – it will look fresher. if you want to wear trousers, make it a trouser suit not trousers and shirt, otherwise you run the risk of looking like one of the groom’s friends the great color question You should never wear white to a wedding, or a dark color. Weddings are a celebratory time when you can break out some color. Prints can work, too, but if you go down the floral route, keep the print graphic and bright not insipid Not too matchy-matchy, please Do not wear one colour head to toe. I was at a wedding last weekend and wore a pink skirt suit with leopard-print shoes, a leopard-print bag and a black straw hat. it was slightly off-key while still adhering to the rules. Everything should be linked somehow – you can put incongruous things together but two elements should match you can’t beat vintage tailoring, and 1960s-style dresses work brilliantly for weddings. Apparently, vintage traders were inundated with people trying to find the most individual outfit for Kate Moss’s wedding yesterday – probably the biggest fashion parade ever But will it last? Weddings are a chance to dress up, but always test the dress. many women will buy a dress because it looks nice in the changing-room or good on net-a-porter.com. Bear in mind you have to be able to sit – and dance – in the dress. you don’t want it to split to top it all… Don’t be afraid to dress your head. Hats are a great way of expressing a fashion moment. A boater-style straw hat looks hip and can be quite dramatic. the word ‘fascinator’ makes my toes curl. it is the antithesis of cool. Feathers are a total no-no, too Put that pashmina away! Don’t wear a pashmina, which has become a trusted wedding staple for so many women. Wear an oversized blazer or a man’s dinner jacket instead – they are very on-trend. if you are a single lady going to a wedding beg, steal or borrow a jacket off one of the single men while you are there. It’s a brilliant way to flirt the final touches Shoes have to be practical – factor in the standing, walking and dancing. I borrowed a pair of designer shoes for one recent wedding and could barely stand as they were so uncomfortable. As for make-up, put on enough to register in the photographs. think somewhere between what you would wear at work and to a nightclub. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=950753&ca=Womens+Interest

Great Ideas For a Wedding in Texas

If you are thinking about getting married in Texas, you have a lot of decisions to make. Texas is filled with great venues for a wedding and because the weather is usually pleasant, you have both indoor and outdoor venues from which to choose. You also have the option of getting married year-round. Though brides can marry in other cities during the winter months, they are limited to mostly indoor locations. In Texas, your options might seem limitless, so you need to put aside some time to think about your dream wedding. Planning for the big day is easier, when you have decided on which event facilities you are going to use. If you love the idea of a Texas outdoor wedding, consider holding your event at one of the many ranches available for weddings. This is a great way to have a chic outdoor wedding and incorporate the feeling of Texas into the event. Another option for an outdoor wedding is a community park. A park is usually a very affordable option. They are also capable of accommodating large groups of people, something that can be very expensive when looking for an indoor venue. If you have concerns about the weather for a park wedding, you can rent tenting that will eliminate some of the concerns about precipitation. The tents can even be heated, if you are marrying in the winter and you are concerned an evening reception might be a little chilly. Best of all, you can put your own signature style on a wedding in the park because you are starting with a blank canvas, featuring only natural items. If you prefer an indoor wedding, consider a country club. County clubs come in all shapes and sizes and are typically experts when it comes to hosting weddings. You can have something simple or elaborate. Best of all, you have very little to worry about because the venue handles everything from food to entertainment to clean up. You and your guests can just relax and enjoy your special day. People looking for something indoors who are on a tight budget can consider having their wedding at a community center. These buildings are usually no frills, but they feature kitchen facilities for catering and plenty of space for mingling and dancing. They can be decorated to match the style of your wedding and they provide parking, a safe environment and a way to escape the Texas heat during the summer months. Finally, consider having your wedding celebration at a restaurant. This is ideal for small weddings and offers an intimate venue that is just right for many couples. Choose your favorite cuisine and narrow down your restaurant choices based on what you want to eat. This option is usually very affordable and it is a great way to make your wedding celebration feel cozy and comfortable. If you are hosting a reception for just a few close friends and family members, a restaurant is a great option for your wedding celebration. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=874551&ca=Business

Where There is Love There is Life: A Hin-Jew Wedding in Texas

One of the most unique weddings I have officiated was Shreeti and Jon’s. I co-officiated with Shreeti’s family’s lay pundit (Hindu priest), Jaysurya (“Jay”) Upadhyaya. It was fascinating to see how these two faiths, one Western and one Eastern, came together in one ceremony, and how many parallels exist between the wedding rituals of both. The ceremony began at the entrance, with Shreeti’s mother waving a wand over Jon to cast away spirits. This Hindu tradition is similar to the Jewish tradition of beginning the ceremony with the bride and groom’s mothers leading the bride around the groom to similarly protect him. In accordance with Hindu tradition, Jon then broke a clay pot to symbolically remove any obstacles to the marriage. The ceremony itself was held under a mandap, a Hindu ceremonial canopy that turns the whole area under it into a symbolic altar. This served also as the Jewish chuppah, which symbolizes the bride and groom’s new home. Interestingly, both faiths center around the home, rather than the house of worship, which means that home and altar are very much one and the same. At various points during the Hindu portions of the ceremony, people made offerings to different deities. This usually involves Sanskrit chanting by the pundit, the tossing of the offering into fire and the marking of the body with paste. These are very important parts of the ceremony, as the favor of the deities is seen as central to a life of happiness for the new family being created under the mandap. The Jewish portions of the ceremony do not involve offerings, but do involve the chanting of blessings in Hebrew. I opened the Jewish part of the ceremony with traditional, welcoming blessings and towards the end blessed the couple with the Priestly Blessing. In a Jewish wedding, parents and loved ones are brought under the chuppah with the bride and groom. This is true of a Hindu wedding too. Shreeti’s parents spent part of the ceremony under the mandap, made an offering and even washed Shreeti and Jon’s feet, beseeching him to treat their daughter as an equal partner. Later in the ceremony, family members from both sides, including Jon’s parents, joined Shreeti and Jon under the mandap, and made offerings, which the couple, circling a small altar four times, threw into the fire. The circling symbolizes the couple’s commitment to remaining true to one’s values, providing for the family, obtaining fulfillment and achieving enlightenment. Every time they circled the altar, siblings and cousins, who had surrounded the mandap, pelted them with flower petals. Later, after the ceremony, with their families once again surrounding them, the couple would sign the Jewish ketubah, a document where they would commit themselves to essentially the same ideals celebrated while ringing the altar. One of the most striking resemblances between the wedding traditions of both faiths is the centrality of the number seven. The Hindu tradition has the Satapadi or Seven Vows, and the Jewish tradition has the Seven Blessings. Jon laid Shreeti’s big toe on each of seven decorated shells respectively, while Jay chanted the Satapadi, swearing the couple to live with honor and respect, be happy, share in all, not forget their elders, be charitable, be peaceful and love and sacrifice for each other. I followed with the chanting of the Seven Blessings, which celebrate creation in general, creation of man, creation of woman, the hope of return to Zion and the love and happiness of the bride and groom and their loved ones. Both traditions include the bride and groom sharing sweet food (in Hinduism) or sweet wine (in Judaism) to symbolize everyone’s prayer that the couple will enjoy a sweet life together. Shreeti and Jon shared candy and dried fruit, in accordance with the Hindu tradition. Jon then put a necklace on Shreeti’s neck, the Hindu equivalent to putting a ring on his bride’s finger. (Both faiths, being in their traditional form patriarchal, have the groom putting the jewelry on the bride and not vice versa.) Shreeti and Jon then read very meaningful vows they wrote, after which they exchanged rings, reciting (in Hebrew and in English) the traditional Jewish consecration formula, as well as a verse from the Song of Songs. After I declared them husband and wife, Jon ended the ceremony, just as he started it – by breaking something. This time, in accordance with Jewish tradition, he broke a glass. I explained it as symbolizing the breaking down of barriers between different cultures and faiths – a very fitting explanation for this wedding. How did Shreeti and Jon, coming from traditions, far apart geographically and theologically, “pull off” such a seamless ceremony, where it was well evident that all present felt so validated and comfortable? They communicated their plans to their families, and sought their feedback. Their parents gave them honest and considerate feedback while respecting the couple’s wishes. Shreeti and Jon chose officiants who were open to learning about each other’s faiths and communicated well themselves. These officiants were keen on making the various parts of the ceremony mesh well together. Most importantly, while each family expressed their wishes to observe various rituals from their respective traditions, it seemed like they were even more careful to make sure that the other side’s wishes were being met. It was really heart-warming to observe how concerned these people were regarding each other’s feelings. It has been said that true love means caring about your loved one’s feelings, as you much as you care about yours. This couple, their families and all involved showed this type of love, and as Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Where there is love, there is life!” Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=711744&ca=Marriage

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

One option is to start your search for the perfect dress close to home. Maybe your mother, grandmother, aunt or a special friend has her own lovely dress stored carefully away, waiting for another bride to wear. If you choose this option, examine the dress carefully for insect damage, discoloration, weak seams, missing buttons and stains. Consult a trusted dry cleaner to discover if spots or stains can be removed. If the dress’s seams are very narrow, alterations might be difficult. Air the dress away from the sun to rid it of cedar or mothball scents. Have it professionally cleaned. As sentimental as this option is, most brides want a new dress. If you’re in this category, begin by doing a little window-shopping. Check out the latest bridal magazines for trends and styles. Keep a folder or envelope containing pictures of the dresses you like. This will be helpful when you actually visit a retailer to begin trying dresses on. Be sure to attend bridal and fashion shows. You’ll not only get a good overview of what’s available, but you’ll pick up new ideas and get information on bridal shops in your area. Then check out the shops. Get recommendations from married friends and call the Better Business Bureau. And pay attention! You should be treated like a queen when you enter a bridal shop. According to one shop owner, the store’s first priority should be to make you “feel personally special from the minute you walk in the door.” Once on your quest for the perfect gown, choose one trusted person who knows your style to take with you. The more people you bring along, the more opinions you’ll have to sift through. Your trusted person should care enough about you to tell the absolute truth about how a dress looks on you. Your trust should extend to the bridal shop clerk, too. Many of these people have spent years helping brides find the right dress. They know which styles will flatter which figure types. Trust them, and don’t be afraid to be adventurous. If a clerk suggests a style different from what you had in mind, try it on anyway! You may be surprised at how other styles flatter your figure. Sometimes the retail dress route just doesn’t fit. A bride who is especially tall or short, tiny or voluptuous, rich or poor can find the custom-made dress an answer to a prayer. Locate a reputable bridal seamstress in your area by word of mouth, through a high-quality fabric or sewing store, or through a local college, university or theater. Ask to see samples of the seamstress’s work, both in photos and in person. Check for finished seams, fit (in photos of brides) and quality of materials. Ask for an estimate in writing, checking to see if the seamstress or the bride supplies the materials and notions for the dress. Is a veil included in the price? Call past clients to check how satisfied they were with their dresses. Fitting Your Wedding Gown You may have the most beautiful dress in the world, but if it doesn’t fit, ultimately you’ll be unhappy with your choice. A bride goes through at least two fittings, with a final try-on a few days before the wedding. Alterations to a purchased gown are inevitable. Don’t be offended by the “size” your fitter ends up assigning you. Every gown manufacturer uses a fit model and bases all their gowns on this woman’s measurements, graduating them up or down for various sizes. Your measurements will be compared to the manufacturer’s size charts. Since wedding gowns have very narrow seams, there is no room to let it out to a larger size. Therefore the fitter will order the gown that fits your largest measurement best. During your two or more fittings, the gown will be altered to fit your smaller measurements. The ultimate fit of the gown depends on the accuracy of the fitter’s measurements, so be sure you bring the undergarments and shoes you plan to wear with your dress. If your gown is custom-made, additional fittings will most likely be required. Many bridal seamstresses create an initial gown out of muslin or some other inexpensive material. This “model” garment is fitted to your figure, taken apart and used as the actual pattern for the dress itself. The dress will most likely be basted together, fitted again, sewn and fitted a last time in the final weeks before the wedding. The Cost of It All… To save money, many brides have turned to discount bridal suppliers. Although the initial price of the gown may seem like a bargain, the cost of alterations could make a significant dent in those savings. “Those brides who think they can order a gown through a discount operation and get it tailored at a local dress shop are in for an unpleasant surprise,” says one bridal shop owner. “Altering today’s wedding gowns is very, very specialized work. It takes years of experience.” And it can be expensive. The cost of alterations varies greatly, depending on the dress’s fit, age, fabric, lace and beadwork. Also keep in mind that when a gown is ordered through a discount bridal supplier, there is often no recourse if a problem arises. Working with a reputable retailer that has years of experience in the industry and a solid relationship with manufacturers assures that you will receive the right dress, on time, fitting beautifully. Typically, when a bride orders her gown from a retail store, she can expect to put down fifty percent of its retail price. The same is true for a custom-made dress. Custom-made dresses usually start at about $350 and can top out at $1000 or more. Veils average $150 to $300. Completing the Ensemble Once the perfect dress is found, there is only one way to be sure it will look the best it can and the foundation is the beginning. Finding the proper bra, slip, hosiery, etc., is necessary to create the perfect look. Many gowns require special undergarments. Low-line, backless bras and bustiers are made to provide the proper support without showing when and where they shouldn’t. Luckily there are professionals who can help in choosing which undergarments will work the best. Specialty lingerie shops have the staff who will not only help brides, maids and mothers find the proper undergarment; they will also help them find the perfect fit. Although many women shy away from specialty shops, thinking the price will be much higher, they usually find that the prices are comparable and the service is indispensable. While at the lingerie shop a bride may also find a delicate negligee perfect for the wedding night! Not only do brides have to deal with what to wear under their gown, some need to be concerned with what to wear over it as well. Weddings take place in all seasons, and in many areas, it can be cold! Many dresses of today are strapless or sleeveless challenging the weather in the cooler seasons of fall, winter and spring. Brides, their attendants and mother of the bride and groom often do not own the appropriate cape, coat or wrap to wear on such a formal occasion. That’s where businesses that rent capes and other outerwear come in handy. Many styles of velvet, satin, sheer organza or faux fur garments are available to complement any gown. Post-Wedding Gown Care After the wedding, the last thing on your mind will be getting your gown cleaned. But taking the time to preserve your gown as soon as possible will ensure its pristine condition. If you can’t see to it immediately, ask a bridesmaid or relative to do it for you. Before taking the gown to the dry cleaner, check it carefully for stains. If possible, note the type and location of each stain. This will help your dry cleaner eradicate them more easily. To box or not to box? No storage system is completely safe or will completely prevent age discoloration of fabric. A professionally boxed gown is sealed in an airtight picture-window box in acid-free tissue, preserved for future generations. If you decide not to box your dress, store it flat to prevent fabric stress from a hanger. Stuff the sleeves and bodice with acid-free tissue, and line the skirt with the same tissue. Wrap the dress carefully in unbleached cotton or linen. Boxed or unboxed, make sure your freshly cleaned dress is in a dark, dry place. Apparel for Moms Mothers have a vital role to play in the wedding of their children. So it’s important to look good alongside the wedding party. This means choosing a dress that is simple, elegant and in a flattering color that blends well with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Flower girls and Miniature Brides Choices for flower girl dresses or miniature bride ensembles range from duplicates of the bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses to a variety of adorable outfits sure to make any little attendant look like an angel. Bridal shops and specialty children’s’ boutiques are the perfect place to find an assortment of choices. Experts in these shops can also help to determine the proper size to choose. Since children grow at staggering rates, a dress that fits perfect today may be too small six months later. These experts also suggest that if a specific gown is desired it should be ordered as soon as possible since styles may change and may not be available for order at a later date. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=200629&ca=Marriage

Best Wedding Venues in East Texas

The Pineapple Mano The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the American colonies and up to now. The marvel of this belief started when the sea captains from New England sailed to the Caribbean Sea and brought fruits and spices. When the voyagers would come aboard their families would pierce pineapple fruits as a sign of welcoming them. This pineapple fruit is the sign of invitation to visit the place and let them listen to stories of the voyager and enjoy the festive foods. Rob and Phyllis Cary, the owners of The Pineapple Manor adopted this concept and built a place that can be a destination for everyone to celebrate any special occasions of their life. The place exhibits a hospitable ambiance through its beautiful facilities, sceneries and customer-oriented staffs. This vast acres of land situated in Longview Texas is a perfect place to celebrate wedding events like outdoors weddings. It has different wedding venues that will suit to your wedding theme. The Lakeview side is an ideal reception for an outdoor wedding wherein the 22 acre private lake is an overlooking view. The pergola of the mansion gives an aura of tropical wedding day because of the different blossoms that surround the place. Traditional Wedding Oak is one of the wonderful spots that the manor is known for, which is popular for its traditional Longview wedding events. Through event venues like the Pineapple Manor, celebrating special occasions like a wedding will be fantastic and hassle free. The manor has an area of 15 acres on the outside and 6.1 acres for the catering part. This is an al fresco venue within in an exclusive terra. It has a private lake, gazebo, lawn and vast gardens which is a beautiful setting for different events and photography. It can accommodate about 300 guests in an event. The place has a good location, because it is near the airport, and market. Also for those who love the green field as their recreational area for playing golf, there are several golf courses close to the Pineapple manor. Before, the whole manor was built, the owners used to own a pineapple plantation and mansion in their former hometown in Hawaii. This is what inspired them to build similar beautiful gardens in East Texas. They started doing this by planting tropical trees and wild flowers. Years passed by and they continued renovating the land and adding beautiful amenities. They used to spend their winter time in the manor and enjoy the beautiful sceneries surrounding the mansion. A memorable Longview wedding event was held at the place when their daughter and her fiancé gave their vows to each other here. That event started the whole story. Now the manor is open for any Longview events and gatherings. They want to share the beautiful place to everyone by letting them celebrate important occasions like wedding events and family gatherings. It is the perfect place to create memorable experiences in their life which they can cherish forever. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1026455&ca=Marriage